Cyber Saturday—Doubts Swirl Around Bloomberg’s China Chip Hack Report

Facebook hack. Facebook said a recent breach of its network affected 30 million users, 20 million fewer than it estimated when it first announced the incident a couple of weeks ago. The company said the breach exposed more intimate personal information than previously thought: things people searched for, places they had “checked into,” demographic, and contact information. Meanwhile, Facebook purged hundreds of accounts it said were spreading misinformation.

Don’t answer the phone. A researcher for Google’s Project Zero team, a group that hunts for bugs and urges companies to fix them, found a flaw in Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging app that could enable an attacker to crash the app simply by tricking someone into answering a video call. Natalie Silvanovich, the researcher, said she discovered and reported the bug in late August. Facebook fixed it by early October. By the way, the company just released Portal, a device that lets you make video calls

Google minus. Google said it would shutter its social media service, Google Plus, after earlier this year discovering a security vulnerability that could have allowed people to access hundreds of thousands of users’ personal information. The Wall Street Journal originally reported this as a “data breach,” but walked back this labelling after Google said it found no evidence that people’s data were misused. Here is a worthwhile essay that goes over the difference between a breach and a bug, and why such distinctions are important.

An unexpected layover. Federal agents lured a Chinese government spy to Belgium where he was apprehended and transferred to the U.S. He now faces prosecution over economic espionage charges in the states. The accused, Yanjun Xu, a senior officer with China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS), is alleged to have stolen trade secrets from aerospace companies. This is the first time a Chinese government spy has been brought to the U.S. to face charges.

C’mon Kanye, you’re better than this.

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