Data Sheet—Jack Ma’s Next Chapter and What His Departure Means for Alibaba

Apple a day. Apple has been talking to the likes of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about joining Texture, a “Netflix for magazines” service the company acquired this year. The newspapers are already doing a fair job selling digital subscriptions on their own so its unclear if a deal makes sense. On the other hand, access to over 1 billion Apple devices could be tempting.

Bad Apple. Conspiracy loon Alex Jones is running out of places to peddle his monstrous nonsense. Apple gave him the heave-ho from its app store, following the likes of YouTube, Facebook, and—more recently—Twitter.

Poison Apple. Researchers found a popular anti-adware iOS app was stealing users’ browsing history, and sending it to China. While Apple quickly purged the app, further reports pointed to other malicious apps turning up in the App store, despite the company’s reputation for careful screening.

Bobbing for Apple users: Dozens of popular iOS apps, including AskFM and NOAA Weather Radar, are selling users’ location information to data brokers. The apps, some of which appear to be contravening their privacy pledges, discern users’ whereabouts from cues like Wi-Fi locations and Bluetooth beacons.

Not Apple: The FTC has cracked down on unscrupulous companies that ran sites like “” and “,” which appeared official, but whose purpose was to serve as sales leads for for-profit colleges.

Amazon, meet antitrust: The New York Times profiles Lina Khan, a young scholar whose influential law journal article is driving a push to revive old anti-monopoly laws, posing possible trouble for Amazon. The piece is slim on legal details but has fun tidbits about “hipster antirust.”

(Bonus: Dorothy Parker’s dirty apple quip)

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