Feeling insecure? It's time to find a data centre

Feeling insecure? It's time to find a data centre
On the contrary, colocation data storage and hosting is more accessible than ever to businesses in this country thanks to the tumbling cost of high speed fibre network connectivity. This is allowing more data centre operators to locate well away from …
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Ohio U Migrates Student Housing System to the Cloud
When Adirondack Solutions released version 4.0 of The Housing Director, the university made the decision to upgrade from 3.26 and move the system to its own dedicated server on Adirondack's cloud-hosted service, which is powered by Infinitely Virtual's …
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Why 1&1 deployed SolidFire's flash storage for its new cloud servers
1&1, a subsidiary of United Internet, manages over 19 million domain names worldwide as well as running over 70,000 servers for its cloud hosting business. The company has created a new generation of cloud services that it hopes will help them jump …
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Stella Densmore