On-premise or cloud – the VC hosting debate

On-premise or cloud – the VC hosting debate
Videoconferencing offers an impressive value proposition: improved collaboration between geographically separated workers, while also cutting travel costs, increasing productivity and connecting people. However, the choice between the two primary …
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ClearSky Data Adds Local Feel To Cloud Storage
One early customer is Xtium, a provider of managed cloud hosting, online backup and virtual disaster recovery services. Tim Vogel, CTO and one of the company's founders, says Xtium has been a traditional cloud MSP since 2007, with traditional storage …
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The Hybrid Cloud: What Does it Really Mean?
The cloud computing landscape of 2017 will increasingly be dominated by platform and database services supporting hybrid infrastructures, according to study conducted by IDG Connect on behalf of Oracle. According to the study, organisations are more …
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Media Temple Launches Managed Cloud Hosting Solution For AWS
Media Temple, the GoDaddy-owned hosting provider, today announced the launch of its managed cloud hosting solution for AWS. The company will handle the roles of AWS cloud architects and sysadmins for the businesses that want to use this new service.
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