Remote denial of service vulnerability exposes BIND servers

Remote denial of service vulnerability exposes BIND servers
credit-cnet.jpg CNET. BIND operators released new versions of the DNS protocol software overnight to patch a critical vulnerability which can be exploited for use in denial-of-service cyberattacks. Lead investigator Michael McNally from the Internet …
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What's Your Disaster Recovery Plan?
High availability in a public cloud scenario generally requires that the vendor keeps the storage separated from the computer. This way if a cloud server was to fail, your only downtime would be until another server is booted up using your information …

Reliance Communications rolls out cloud delivery network in 5 cities
Cloud X offers on-demand low-cost cloud services. Users can deploy cloud servers and applications and manage lifecycle of these resources online, the company said. "Cloud X is changing the paradigm of cloud computing. The network must now undergo a …
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