Eyewitness Surveillance Launches Beta Program of New Line of Automotive Dealership-Specific Operational Solutions Tools

Hanover, MD (PRWEB) June 04, 2015

Eyewitness Surveillance (Eyewitness), the industry leader in remote interactive video monitoring solutions specializing in serving mid and large-sized automotive dealerships, announces today the launch their new beta program of three new value-added products for automobile dealerships.

“We develop our prototypes for the beta program by listening to both existing and prospective clients to best determine what the market needs. This first-hand insight enables us to then work with our R&D team in creating solutions that help our clients and prospects drive business efficiencies, and ultimately business growth,” said Eyewitness’s CEO, Rush McCloy.

Eyewitness is deeply rooted in the automotive dealership space. Based on their experience and understanding of the operations side of the industry, as well as client input, Eyewitness discovered several gaps in the ability to capture and communicate critical data regarding assets and inventory in real-time at a dealership. Additionally, on the automotive purchasing side, Eyewitness saw an opportunity to improve and ensure financing departments were being compliant. Based on these discoveries, Eyewitness developed three new beta product tools that go beyond security, and deliver solutions relating to sales and customer management, false claims, and financial compliance:

    Sales Direct – real-time communication between prospective customers and sales associates after hours.
o    Allows an interested customer to communicate directly with a sales associate at the dealership via text message and email. The sales associate then is able to quickly reply to the prospective customer in real-time, markedly increasing the chances of a resulting sale.

o    Customer data is captured in the system database.

o    Managers are able to track the timing and nature of after-hours sales in a transparent, responsive system.

    Service Lane 2.0 – captures high-level, real-time details on vehicles in service lanes to address and dispute false damage claims.
o    Utilizes HD, wide-angled cameras with low-light capabilities to accurately tag each vehicle to be searchable by VIN, time, or tag.

o    Reduces dealership infrastructure requirements as all images are stored in and accessed from Eyewitness’s cloud server.

o    Accessible through mobile devises.

    Finance Audit Service – monitors finance transactions to ensure compliance and quality standards are upheld.
o    Offered in both audio and video format.

o    Allows clients to review any flagged transactions noted by the Eyewitness team on a scheduled basis.

o    All records can be securely stored for compliance purposes, as client needs dictate.

“We have several clients participating in our beta program. Their input is essential as we make the necessary modifications for final delivery,” said Eyewitness’s President, R.T. Arnold, “New products enable us to improve the customer experience and ultimately forge deep, long-lasting partnerships. We are looking forward to expanding our beta program to further bolster these relationships.”

Eyewitness plans to roll out a full-scale program in the coming months of these new operational solutions tools. Additionally, Eyewitness will continue to move forward on a number of strategic growth initiatives as 2015 progresses, including expansions into new markets across the United States, as well as expanding their footprint in the metal recycling and fixed industrial facilities spaces.

About Eyewitness Surveillance

Since its founding in 2004, Eyewitness Surveillance has established itself as a leader in remote interactive monitoring, providing innovative and cutting-edge security and operational solutions for mid-size and large car dealerships, metal recycling yards and a variety of other fixed industrial facilities across the country. Eyewitness has a state-of-the-art central station and its services help clients prevent theft, inventory damage and false claims without the need for onsite guard services. The key differentiator for Eyewitness is that its products and services extend beyond pure security into operations. Using sophisticated algorithms, analytics can be created from data captured on Eyewitness’s state-of-the-art cameras that can then be used to measure customer foot traffic and employee behavior, improve customer responsiveness, drive sales and manage assets. For more information on Eyewitness and its services, please visit http://www.eyewitnesssurveillance.com. Also follow Eyewitness on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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