RISC Networks Partners with Amazon Web Services to Save Customers Thousands of Dollars Per Day; CloudScape Optimized Pricing Analysis Helps Customers Migrate Better

RISC Networks has been awarded a Cloudy for the Most Innovative Cloud Enablement Tool

Enterprise IT migration into cloud computing environments is a growing trend. However, most customers pay significantly more than they should when they migrate into public clouds. RISC Networks research shows that on average customers are paying three times more than they need to when they are pricing public clouds and doing initial migrations. Recent customers utilizing the RISC Networks platform to optimize their cloud instance matching prior to migration have been saving thousands of dollars per day on their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis and spend.

Migration can be a difficult project to undertake, and good software can make a huge difference in the outcome of the migration. Today, RISC Networks SaaS platform is utilized by AWS, Cisco Systems, IBM, 2nd Watch, Day1 Solutions, CenturyLink, Dimension Data, and many other top systems integrators to assist in: Rightsizing customer compute environments, Automating application dependency mapping, Comparing costs across multiple public clouds, Constructing and modeling migration wave plans. RISC Networks recommends that customers take an application-centric approach to cloud computing and migration.

In order to support customers and partners who are planning to move into Amazon Web Services, and to improve the TCO study accuracy of enterprises, between July 6th and September 30th 2015, RISC Networks will waive the cost of the Pricing Optimization module in their CloudScape platform for customers looking to migrate into Amazon Web Services. Each Cloud cost analysis provides an asset report for an unlimited number of devices and an analysis of “like for like” vs optimized pricing for one AWS region.

Amazon employees may claim this offer on behalf of their customers and provide them with an updated inventory of all workloads as well as traditional like-for-like pricing and optimized pricing for a single AWS region. More regions can be purchased for $ 1 per workload per region if needed. A Cloud cost analysis typically takes 7-14 days however, the level of effort required to run an engagement is usually less than an hour. In addition to providing complimentary cloud cost analysis, customers may purchase full consultative services from RISC Networks if needed. Services include remote support for appliance deployment, phone support, and a final hosted review. AWS employees must claim this offer for perspective customers by visiting: http://www.riscnetworks.com/cloudscape/aws-offer

Jeremy Littlejohn, chief analyst at RISC Networks sees this as a great opportunity to assist AWS employees in helping their clients plan a successful cloud migration. “We believe that migrations fail for reasons that can be prevented. We also believe in cloud computing and its future in the enterprise. In many cases, people evaluate TCO as a like for like tradeoff, but it isn’t. In most cases, the status quo at a customer is not sustainable. They are running out of storage space, have underperforming servers, and end-of-life network equipment. The cost to uplift those items is not considered in many TCO analyses. In addition, customers think that what they have in their data center today is what they need in the cloud, and again, this is normally not the case. They need a good bit less. To the tune of 67% less money spent on resources.” Littlejohn believes that understanding pricing, and a lack of proper planning are the biggest reasons migrations fail.

Amazon Web Services is the leading provider of IaaS cloud, offering reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. CloudScape is a complete cloud migration and cost analysis platform developed by RISC Networks. More information on Amazon Web Services can be found at http://aws.amazon.com/. Fore more information on RISC Networks CloudScape, please visit http://www.riscnetworks.com/cloudscape.

Stella Densmore